Minutn Fun Bitokhn

‎מינוטן פֿון בּטחון

By Mordkhe Gebirtig 

Yidn! Zol zayn freylekh!‎      Jews, be happy!    ‎           

Shoyn nisht lang, ikh hof it won’t be long, I hope.

S’ekt bald di milkhome,‎       the war will soon be over, 

Es kumt bald zeyer sof.‎       and soon their end will come. 

Freylekh! Nor nisht zorgn    Be cheerful and don’t worry

Un nisht arumgeyn trib        don’t carry on in grief- 

Hot geduld, bitokhn               have patience, have confidence 

Un nemt alts on far lib           and take hard times in stride. 

Nor geduld, bitokhn               remember: patience, confidence 

Nisht lozt aroys fun hant       don’t let slip away 

Undzer alt klezayen,‎                those ancient weapons that unite 

Vos halt undz nokh baynand   Our people to this day. 

Hulyet, tantst talyonim!‎        Revel, dance, you hangmen!

Shoyn nisht lang, ikh hof      It won’t be long, I hope

Geven amol a Homen            Once there was a Haman, 

Es vart af aykh zayn sof.‎       his fate awaits you, too!

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