Purim Unleashed: An Oracular Heist, 2018. Photo credit: Kate Huh

For questions about access that the following notes don’t answer, contact Anna Jacobs at taftjacobs [at]

On site, we will have access volunteers available to answer questions, assist audience members with moving through the space, finding seats, etc., and to deal with other concerns as they come up – they will be identifiable this year by tall blue feathers.  If you have can’t quickly locate one of them, the crew captains at the door, coat-check (ground floor), bar, and JFREJ table (2nd floor) will be able to contact them.

Physical Access/Mobility

The EMJC building is wheelchair accessible, with a short metal ramp to the ground-floor entrance; the door opens out, so we will have a volunteer just inside to assist in opening it.

The show space and food / bar area are on the second floor, reachable by a flat-entry elevator. There are accessible bathrooms on the first and second floors, none of which which will be gender-marked during our performances.

There will be chairs on reserve in the show space and food / bar area to ensure that folks who need to sit will be able to. If you need a seat and there are no unoccupied chairs, ask an access volunteer, or the bar crew captain, to bring more out.

Similarly, access volunteers can assist in moving through the space when it gets crowded; one of their tasks is to help ensure folks who use chairs, scooters, walkers, and other mobility aids are seated with a good view of the stages and can move freely around the space.

Sensory Access

This show includes a lot of bright lights, large objects in motion, action on multiple stages, several scenes which use video projection, and loud sound cues – it is not inherently sensory-friendly.

The Saturday performance will also have bands playing between the acts, and a DJ following the show.

The Thursday night performance will be more intimate, and thus less sensorily challenging, as well as more clearly audible for people with mild hearing impairment.

The food / bar space will not have theatrical lighting or loud music, but can also be loud and active.

There will be a decompression / cool-down area away from the performance space, specifically designated for people who need to decompress in relative quiet. Details about the location and its conditions / limitations will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed.

Deaf/HoH Access

There will be ASL interpretation at our Saturday March 30th show.

Scent/Chemical Sensitivity

Due to the nature of the show (lots of puppets and costumes produced as art objects, some of which may still be off-gassing slightly), and the fact that we’re renting a space where harsh cleaning products may be used, we can’t ensure that the space will be fully accessible for people with chemical sensitivities. Saturday will be a costume party, and as such, probably much heavier on scent triggers.

We will be asking attendees and performers to do their best to adhere to a fragrance-free/MCS-friendly policy on Thursday, and will be providing designated seating for people with chemical sensitivities. An updated policy re: fragrance and the Thursday show will go up on March 25th.