Less is MORE MORE MORE – Thursday, yes! Saturday, no!

This has been one heck of an uncertain week in Shushan, friends. 

With corporate and carceral forces jumping to capitalize on virus fear, it’s been hard to come to a decision, but we’ve decided to cancel Saturday night’s blowout party in the name of community safety and care. We will still perform this year’s Purimshpil, without the surrounding party, on Thursday (see below).

Simply telling our most vulnerable elderly and immunocompromised folks to stay home is not a viable option – because it is against our understanding of disability justice, and also because it won’t be effective at stopping virus spread. With our communities’ health as well as other forms of safety, we keep us safe: our responsibilities are to each other, and there’s no such thing as a separate ‘vulnerable population’. (See www.flattenthecurve.com for more epidemiological details)

Most immediately, the space we use for the bar room on Saturday night is normally used as a senior center. Inviting hundreds of new people into that space feels unwise.  And with our people already making responsible decisions about removing themselves from public spaces when possibly showing signs of infection, we don’t have the capacity and volunteer capability to pull it off in a way we believe is safe. So: Saturday’s party is cancelled.

After months of writing, rehearsing, building, coordinating & cooking, the decision to scale things back breaks our hearts.

and so, for ONE NIGHT ONLY:

The Aftselakhis Spectacle Committee, in cahoots with Jews For Racial and Economic Justice, and Great Small Works, excitedly bring you:


Thursday, March 12th
     2 showtimes! 8:00pm & 9:00pm
    featuring the Purim house band!

at East Midwood Jewish Center – 1625 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11230

$12-20, no one turned away for lack of cash or costume.

“…This year in shushan it’s back to the living room we go – there is contraband and theft, smuggling and prose, yiddish criminality and mizrakhi poetry, way too many cops and a progressive DA.”

The show will be performed TWICE, as a way of ensuring audiences have plenty of personal space. Come for the early or late show!

ACCESS INFO: East Midwood Jewish Center has a ramped front door, an elevator inside the building, and accessible bathrooms. More access info can be found here: access info here: http://spectaclecommittee.org/accessibility

There is no way to make this or any event accessible to immune-compromised people, or those who care for/live with/work with people at risk. We know everyone is carefully considering exposure factors right now, and will make the choices that feel right. We keep each other safe– that’s how a community works.



We can’t do this thing without you!!!! Volunteer & get free admission and full-hearted feelings.


Is the Thursday show still happening? YES!

Please make your decision about whether to attend with care for the folks around you in mind. IF YOU’RE COUGHING OR HAVE A FEVER, PLEASE STAY HOME. <3

This year’s shpiel will be performed twice, meaning more personal space.

This is a seated show, and chairs will be spaced generously. Flow of air and people will be prioritized in the space, and additional areas will be open to facilitate arms-length schmoozing.

Aftselakhis healthologists are devising innovative ritual hand washing systems to delight and amaze!

Frequently-touched surfaces will be disinfected intermittently during the party. Sign up for a volunteer shift if this vital community service role sounds like fun to you! We will have plenty of gloves. Please do sign up for a shift – http://bit.ly/PurimWOW

With love & 20-second lathers,
the Aftselakhis Spectacle Committee