A Matryoshka Purim: Loops, Lots, & Consequence

In cahoots with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice and Great Small Works, we are excited to present this year’s Purim shpil.

This year in Brooklyn Shushan, the eternal party is overrun with tech bros. Bigsan and Teresh are stuck in a strategic disagreement, while Pony is stuck in glue. Will Mordechai monetize the data of his bodega customers, or will Esther reclaim technology for the community? Meanwhile, Vashti is caught in a loop of social deaths as she searches the Cocoon forest for her Syrian Jewish identity in Maqam Sigah, as well as her beloved cat, Haman… boo! You know what they say: you gotta get lost to be found…

Saturday, March 30 2019
Doors at 8, show 8:30p

A ritually confusing masquerade ball, with a Purimshpil at the center of it. The spiel is long and happens over the course of many hours, featuring the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, M.A.K.U. Soundsystem, DJ Ripley, the legendary Purim House Band, you, your best enemies & friends.


Thursday, March 28 2019
Doors at 7:30, show 8p

A more intimate, expedited version of the show. Lots of seating available. Music from the legendary Purim house band. Be among the first in the known universe to ever see this play!


Sunday, March 31 2019

A Purim event for kids, with carnival games, snacks, & fun. Featuring a shortened & kid-friendly version of the show.



East Midwood Jewish Center
1625 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn 11230

Subway: Q train to Avenue J or Avenue M.
Bus: B49 or B9.

Inspiration & references

Who’s Behind ICE?
The Tech Companies Fueling Deportations

New research shows that Amazon is helping ICE track, detain, and deport immigrants — in a big way.

Remedios Varo – Allegory of Winter (1948)