Guiding Principles

The Aftselakhis Spectacle Committee, and the Purimshpiln we create, is a radical diasporist Jewish project. It is centered on a vision of the world that is (among other things) feminist, trans, abolitionist, queer, antifascist, anticapitalist, anticolonial, opposed to white supremacy, and, because of these commitments, antizionist. This project is a space open to many different […]


זאָל שױן קומען די גאולה By Shmerke Kaczerginski  Ongezolyet oyfn hartsn,  when you are dejected makht men a lekhayim,   make a toast.  Oyb der umet lozt nit ru’en,  when sorrow doesn’t let you rest, zingen mir a lid.                        we sing a song.  Iz nito keyn bisl bronfn          If […]

Minutn Fun Bitokhn

‎מינוטן פֿון בּטחון By Mordkhe Gebirtig  Yidn! Zol zayn freylekh!‎      Jews, be happy!    ‎            Shoyn nisht lang, ikh hof it won’t be long, I hope. S’ekt bald di milkhome,‎       the war will soon be over,  Es kumt bald zeyer sof.‎       and soon their end will come.  Freylekh! Nor nisht zorgn […]

Mijente on the cloud: No Tech for ICE.

New research shows that Amazon is helping ICE track, detain, and deport immigrants — in a big way. Technology companies are working with ICE to increase arrests, detentions, and deportations. Mijente, Immigrant Defense Project, and National Immigration Project worked with Empower LLC to create this report exposing how tech is fueling the current deportation […]